SAgroup Assistance and Maintenance
SA group operates all over Thailand with its Service Team to provide you total support whenever and wherever you need it.
SA group is by your side in moments of greatest need, assisting you in cooperation with its roadside assistance service partners, active 7 days 7 for 24 hours a day, in case of an accident or stopped vehicle , ensuring the expeditious and timely recovery of your cars.
Our regular Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from S.A. Fiber Co.,Ltd. S.A. Autobody Service Co.,Ltd. S.A. Autotrucks Service Co.,Ltd.
S.A.M. R-200 Service Co.,Ltd. Siam Asiatic Corporation Co.,Ltd.
S.A. Logistics Network Co., Ltd. and it usually covers 1 Year period from the delivery date of the vehicle.

For further details about the services, please contact our After-Sales Service Team.
My issue is urgent, who should I call?
How can I contact the After-Sales Service?
Phone:     090-9918950
Line ID:    @sagroup           
We are looking forwards to help you.
We want nothing more than you to be taken care of.
Please call us 30-60 minutes before you plan to arrive.
How can I know more about my warranty?
For further details, please contact our After-Sales Service Team.
Does SAgroup provide the Users Training?
SAgroup undertakes to provide the End-users with technical training and up-to-date product information, if require, in order to achieve the best possible commercial result. The training can be organize based on the agreement between SAgroup and Customers.
I require the User Training Service
We want to provide our customers the flawless user training experience, please inform our Sale Team or make an appointment with our After-Sales Service Team.
How can I book my appointment ?


Car Transfer Service
We deliver your vehicle directly to you

SAL offers door to door vehicle moving services for corporate clients and individuals.

We strive to provide a world class vehicle moving service whatever the type: utility vans, sedan, hatchback or SUV, cars, motorbikes, caravans etc.

Arranging vehicle transportation is a fairly straightforward process but it can take several days to complete, so it is essential that you plan in advance especially if you are transporting a vehicle from one region to another. Our Driver-Team will deliver the vehicles at your facility on request, in order for you to be more comfortable and convenient while we are taking care of the transportation and the delivery.


What our User Training includes?

This service is specifically addressed to Tail Lift users.

Our User Training Service is offered to train end-users in the safe use of specific tail lifts.

By law, employers have a general duty to ensure that the health and safety of their employees and members of the public is not put at risk as a result of the work that they do. Employees also have a duty to look after their own health and safety, and that of anyone who might be affected by their work.

SAL recommends that the same or higher standards be applied to workplace drivers as are applied to those allowed to drive on public roads. Every driver, and particularly younger or less experienced drivers, should be instructed to drive and work in a responsible and careful manner.

Some of the topics covered by this User Training are:

  • Ensure full understanding of the manufacturer's operating instructions for the type of tail lifts used on your site.
  • Give candidates a daily checklist.
  • Advise on defect reporting.
  • Process for vehicle tail lift checklist, pointing out items to be checked.
  • Show correct opening and use of tail lift (including all safety items).
  • Correctly stow tail lift for travel and isolate.


We offer a range of services and programs to ensure vehicle’s equipment perform reliably, safely and efficiently. Our repair and refurbishment services are tailored to help optimize the performance of critical equipment in different industries.

We cooperate with our customers to provide an appropriate planning, management and execution for repair, maintenance and modifications for rotary equipment of their plants.

SA group is focused on providing innovative repairs for any type of rotating equipment, regardless of OEM. Our goal is to deliver your vehicle back to you in optimum mechanical condition. Increasing reliability and reducing downtime for every piece of equipment is our ultimate goal.

We have a dedicated team of Field Service Engineers and Technicians that are experienced in a variety of designs.

Our Repair and Refurbishment  Program (RRP), offer solutions that will restore customer’s vehicle equipment to better than new condition and at the same time, extend equipment life, and provide significant reductions in energy costs and an increase in efficiency .

In our own service shop, Professional repairs, refurbishment and overhaul are delivered to almost all types of vehicle’s equipment. With years of experience behind us, we’ll save customers time and money wherever industry moves fluids.

After the inspection is completed, the engineer and our quoting department will develop a work scope detailing new components and repairs necessary to return damaged equipment to like new condition.