Sticker Wraps

Various types of stickers are available to be selected to match your vehicle.
Pickup Bodies
We have an expert to wrap stickers round your car. If you would not aim to wrap all, you could choose any area to show a die-cut stickers. Also, wrapping plain colored stickers on your selected area is available. Moreover, we can design an artwork as you need in case of you do not have your own.
Types of vehicle are able to wrap a sticker
  • 1. Sedan and SUV
  • 2. Pickup truck
  • 3. Pickup truck installed fiberglass cap
  • 4. Aluminum van truck
  • 5. Composite box truck
  • 6. Mobile car
  • 7. Food truck
  • 8. Rescue truck
  • 9. Ambulance
  • 10. Motorbike
Types of sticker wrap are (but not limit to) including:
  • 1. Matte sticker
  • 2. Glossy sticker
  • 3. Stickers with glossy finish
  • 4. Stickers with matte finish
  • 5. Vacuum sticker
  • 6. See-through sticker
  • 7. Reflective sticker
  • 8. Prismatic sticker
  • 9. Holographic sticker

Area of Sticker Wraps


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