Half Box is recommended for those who are seeking to install the cargo box on the original pickup truck bed. The cargo box is made to meet the truck body size perfectly; therefore, it is suitable for any truck model.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

  • Light weight and High rigidity
  • UV-Resistant Coating
  • Resist high wear and low fiction coefficient
  • Waterproof and not affected by material moisture
  • Durable and Strong

HALFBOX has 2 types

รถตู้แห้ง 2.10 เมตร


There are two versions for the half-box series, Dry and Refrigerated. The following are the five ranges of temperature control for the Reefer box.
Reefer Half Box 1   -28°C to -18°C
Reefer Half Box 2
 -18°C to -5°C
Reefer Half Box 3
 -5°C to 15°C
Reefer Half Box 4   5°C
to 15°C
Reefer Half Box 5   15°C +

Custom Size Available

Custom Size Available

Our pick-up half box are able to be built as you define. We can adjust the van body size to match your requirement.
Material: Aluminum Composite
Depends on the car series
Depends on the car series
1400 - 2400 mm.
Pickup truck body
***Note: Thai Law defines the height of the commercial pick-up truck roof must not higher than 3.00 meters, count from floor surface.***

Additional Features Installable

Additional Features Installable
  • Truck Bed Floor Panel Replacement
  • Arched Wheel Cutout
  • Side Window
  • Shelve
  • Strapping Spot
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Colorful Sticker Wrap
Sticker Wrap
รถตู้แห้ง 2.10 เมตร
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty