Isuzu NLR 130 box truck
If the pick-up box truck is too small, but maneuverability is one of your concerns, a four-wheeler box truck is your solution. Bigger in size, the four-wheeler box truck can be installed on Isuzu NLR 130 or Hino XZU 136 truck with a one-ton tail lift that is suitable for logistic companies.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Light weight and High rigidity
  • UV-Resistant Coating
  • Resist high wear and low fiction coefficient
  • Waterproof and not affected by material moisture
  • Durable and Strong
Truck body for sale

Small Truck has 2 types

Isuzu box truck for sale

Small Truck Has 2 Series

Small Box Truck

Small Box Truck

Small-box van for a small truck is one of our best seller. This dry van offers you more convenient transport yet it has enough space for loading a plenty of goods, electronic parts, IT gadgets, and instant food etc.

Small Refrigerated Box

Small Refrigerated Truck
Our reefer van for a small truck can be built to be a chiller truck or a frozen truck. A high-quality refrigerated system of the reefer truck provides you better work. Also, you can define the temperature range of control as below.
Small Reefer 1   -28 °C to -18 °C
Small Reefer 2
 -18 °C to -5 °C
Small Reefer 3
 -5 °C to 15 °C
Small Reefer 4   5 °C
to 15 °C
Small Reefer 5   15 °C +

Various of Additional Features
Aluminum Composite Truck Body
Tail Lift Installable
Small Truck Body
Tail Lift Equippable
Anteo Tail lift is the best truck lift that we recommend installing for more convenience in loading goods.
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Colorful Sticker Wrap
Sticker Wrap
DHL Truck Body Builder
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty